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Warning: I'm drunk.  Beefeater gin is one of the wonders of the British world (I'm not British).

I deleted my DeviantArt.  Actually, I don't know if I truely did because I think I clicked the link they sent me in my email (but it was on my phone so I don't know if canceling via smartphone counts or not).  I'm honestly too scared to look.  Moreover, I don't fucking care.  As in: I don't give 0.03E-34 if a flying fuck.  Fuck those people.  They're dicks.

My first issue with DeviantArt is that if you don't post things that are trendy, you don't get views.  "Oh, ZmrazenyVlk/StripperTroll, but you post sexy pictures of guys who are of the hefty persuasion.  I don't really see there being a very large audience for that..."  Fuck that shit.  Even good artists - like gallery-worthy artists who post things that 99.999% of DA couldn't even touch - don't get shit for comments.  Yet, someone who draws shitty anime (not even good, original anime where you can tell the person developed a style and knows anatomy) of yaoi nancy-boys fucking each other in the ass - no dicks shown, no lube, obviously these people drawing the shit have never been fucked in the ass themselves or even watched RL gay porn.  For fuck's sake, they're like 13! I was on that site for seriously 7 years and I only have a few hundred comments.  Maybe I'm a lot more outgoing IRL than on the internet, but I digress.

My second issue with DeviantArt is there's a lot of people there who obviously don't function in mainstream society.  There are a lot of basement dwellers, a lot of teenagers who don't even have jobs yet, and a lot of people who have bad social skills.  Their entire identity revolves around how different they are, how misunderstood they are, their self-scape-goating, and how it's everyone else's problem.

So you're "different."  I'm clapping for you.  Here's a newsflash from REALITY: if you're a stereotypical "normal" person, you are fucking weird, because nobody is that fucking perfect.  Go spend a week with your rich cousins who wear khakis and drive nice cars.  You'll see.  Plus, once you get out of high school, it's every-man-for-himself.  Only fuckoffs preoccupy themselves with the music genre someone listens to or the brand of their clothes.  In the "real world," people bond over experiences and struggles - a lot of bonding occurs over deep interests and not petty ones like the ones I just mentioned, I mean people who go overseas and volunteer, people who restore classic cars, people who are trying to pay for college, people who do things. You don't have to be constantly screaming to the world that you're an individual with a cat-eared hat, giant baggy pants, very bright or dark makeup for no real reason - go have experiences, and your individuality will show through better than any awful thing you could wear.

Third issue with DeviantArt is purely subjective because it's based on political viewpoint.  To be very exact, I am a strongly right-leaning Libertarian.  I dislike policy that goes against the US Constitution, I dislike the idea of at any time abolishing the document - and I'm pro-gun, pro-weed, pro-choice, pro-home-school, pro-hookers, pro-religious-freedom, pro-free-speech, pro-states, pro-small-government, racial/ethnic pluralist, pro-marriage, pro-working-class, and a nationalist.  I like to think my political viewpoint has had some deliberation put into it, that I've considered the alternatives and choices then chose my views (not without exception) based on what kind of country I would like to see for myself and for future generations (one where people are both free, and accountable for their actions).  Of course, it's been influenced by the fact I'm white, lower middle-class, Pagan, female, and come from a conservative part of the country (that still oddly tends to vote Democrat under the false assumption that party stands for the working people...and not...those on public assistance).  But I didn't just blindly adopt my political views based on what some celebrity/band believes, what popular propaganda promotes, or simply misplaced, illogical, bleeding-heart sympathy.

The majority of DeviantArt are the previously-mentioned group - the kind of people who wear Che Guevara shirts to cheer on Communism (totally ignoring that Communist regimes are responsible for more deaths than nearly all wars and genocides combined, and also ignoring the fact that there has not been a successful and long-standing Communist regime EVER because it's complete fucking bullshit), who support the idea of social welfare yet don't live in an area with a large population on public assistance so they don't see the problems associated with it, who think animals should be treated exactly the same as people (and complain about natural things such as mice being fed to snakes, or dog food containing meat), and think [x] is wrong "because it's wrong and unfair."  The irony of the whole situation is that these people are not at all open-minded.  If anyone's being open-minded, it's me because I don't immediately jump on anyone who has a different opinion than myself.  Of course, that's impossible because I'm conservative and I can never be open-minded.  At all.  A liberal who yells at everyone who doesn't have the same opinion is more open-minded than me.

You know why I'm also not open-minded...I don't own any Apple products.  I also don't drive a hybrid.  That's an extremely righteous car to drive, even though it costs more and uses more resources to produce, maintain, and dispose of than my 2 ton, rear-wheel drive, 21 MPG sedan that has been around for 15 years and will continue to be around as long as I give a shit to maintain it - .  Aren't I just the picture of wastefulness.  I'm also not open-minded because so far, I've only fucked men.  Not that I wouldn't CONSIDER getting it on with another woman, just I've found a man with a penis that I might want to closed-mindedly not be afraid to marry (because I closed-mindedly accept the fact he's Roman Catholic because I like him for the person he is, and encourage to pursue his path to spirituality) and partake in the closed-minded practice of having closed-minded kids that cling to their guns and religion.

A pretty picture

Rawr, I'm getting better at photoshop colouring.
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School loans


I've been flipping out for the past month trying to get a loan from Wells Fargo because everyone else is not giving out money, or won't give it to people going less than half-time.  Now I'm flipping out because the loan I managed to get was ORIGINALLY supposed to be only for $1865, but now I have a service charge of about $1100 and a interest rate of 14%.  FOURTEEN FUCKING PERCENT!

What pisses me off more is that they never came out and told me my interest rate would be 14% until right when I was down to the line, calling the school for an extension on my registration for summer, etc.  If they did that from the beginning, I could have had time to figure out something else - I understand that "variable rate" translates into "we charge you whatever we feel like" but they could have done the ethical thing and been up-front about it instead of "SURPRISE, WE'RE GOING TO ASSRAPE YOU!"

I really wish someone would have told me, "Oh, if you take 2 more credits, you can get financial aid which means federal loans which means NO ASSRAPE!"  It would have probably end up costing more than my loan and finance charge, but I would be eligible for a federal loan instead of surprise assrape AND I could get another class knocked off the spring semester!

The only bright side is that the only way to go is up I will have my RN license by this time next year, be able to work in a hospital, care home, etc. for decent money and might be able to just save every semester to pay off the next as not to accumulate debt and add to the suckage of the economy.

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I thought about putting boobie tassels on him, but I figured I was already pushing it with hotpants and chaps...considering it IS the 17th century.

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This one is made to make fun of the writing style of Half-Life: Full-Life Consequences (I use the word "style" very loosely).


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 The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble/ficlet/picture of any pairing/character of their choosing from me (word prompts are good too). In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (Of course, you don't really have to, but it would be awesome. 8D )

You can choose original characters if I know your characters well enough to not have to do research (I'll do a little research, but don't get anal on me if most of it is wrong). Fandoms I will do: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, 80% of Disney, World of Warcraft...I will also do weird shit.  If you want something like a picture of Optimus Prime peeing on Chuck Norris,or Brian Peppers slashed with Eminem, that's the kind of stuff my sick mind can produce.

Art will probably be a sketch with a picture taken of it with my cell phone because I'm too cheap to buy nor do I have room for I don't have a scanner.  I'm not setting a word limit on my drabbles, but it's whatever I feel like writing whether it be a typical 500 wd fic or something multiple pages long but I won't rip you off.  If you want me to mail you your drawing in the mail, it's free, because I'm into being green and saving trees and if I keep it, it will get thrown out anyway - I guarantee I don't have bedbugs or anthrax, and your picture won't be demonically possessed because I do personal exorcisms on all mail that leaves my property.

A Sunny Day in Jamestown


John Ratcliffe RP Profile

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Sample RP Post: He sat at a desk reading a book by candle light when a servant knocked.  "Come in," he shouted and slammed the book close, irritated that his thought-path had been disrupted.  The servant peeked her head in, "Sir, there is a messenger outside with a very important document for you..."  Dismissively he waved his hand and stood, cracked his back and sauntered downstairs to open a smaller door within one of the heavy oaken doors.  There, he looked down at a stout man in dripping wet clothing.  "Be quick about your business," Ratcliffe said low and loud.  "This is a signed correspondence from King James.  Are you John Ratcliffe."  The messenger got his attention now, but silently he held out his hand and made a quick give-it-here gesture only to snatch the envelope from the short man's hand.  Anxiously, he imagined what wonderful things could be scrawled on that fine papyrus and slid his long fingernail underneath the wax seal.  His eyes strained in the dark to read the delicate script: "King James...invited...ball...important request..."  He grinned slightly and looked back to the messenger, "That is all," he said before closing the door.